Sell your pre-loved clothing
〒150-0022    MIHASHIYA BLD    1-1-3
Ebisuminami Shibuya Tokyo
〒335-0022    Kamitoda    2-8-11
Toda Saitama Prefecture
〒379-2311    Kasakakecho AZAMI    3060-6
Midori GUNMA Prefecture
Designer Goods. Goods.Bag.Wallet.Jewelry.Perfume.etc...
Clothings. Tops&Blouses.Pants.Shoes.Belts.Hats.Scarf.Ties
Sunglasses.Fur Coat.unbrellas etc...
Watches. Wristwatches(Men's.Women's).Table clocks. etc...
Precious Metals. Gold.Platinum. Silver . etc...
Precious Stones. Diamonds.Ruby.Emerald.Sapphire.Coral.Jade etc...
Musical Instru. All kinds
Audiovisual. Amplifier.speaker.CD.MD.DVD Player.recorder.
record.Cassette.Headphones.Fvacuated Tubes.Cables.etc...
Antiques. Painthings.Pots.clocks.glasses.silverware.pottery.
Gift iterms. Towels.Tablewares.Soaps.Bedclothes.etc...
Cameras. FilmCamers.Digitalcameras.Single-lens reflex.Lens.etc...

  • Web marketing
    chief director
  • Toshihiko Shimizu
Store Manager
We have been running branded luxury recycling store in Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo for 5 years.
We have been supported by local customers and the customers who use Ebisu station.

Our store is located at Ebisu Ginza street, about 1 minute walk from JR Ebisu station western exit.
When we started this business 5 years ago, we had been dealt designer bags, watches and precious metals and luxury items mainly.
But now we expanded the range of products we deal.
We buy and sell fine jewelries, designer clothes, tableware, antiques,musical instruments, audio visual musical instruments and so on.
Everytime customers ask us 'Can I sell this?' we have been responded to these expectations.

We also put the emphasis on home-visit for Minato-ku, Chuo-ku, Meguro-ku and Shinagawa-ku centering on Ebisu for the customers who do not have time to visit us.
Please consider E-VALUE when you sell your clothes, shoes, jewelries and everything.

  • Sales manager
  • Toshiyuki Uchida
Store Manager
I'm a person in charge in Ebisu, Saitama and Gunma store.

Traders come a lot to e-value Saitama branch at present, but the general customers are welcomed, too.

Before throwing away, Please consider selling it to E-VALUE.
We buy stuff which became unnecessary such as tableware, musical instrument and audio, the gift items which aren't used, as well as precious metal and a branded designer products and so on.

Through recycling we'll contribute to the community.

Saitam branch is roomy inside, so we can buy large sized things.
Also we offer home-visit for something heavy which can't be carried around.
Please make a contact to e-value any time.

  • e-value Gunnma
  • Store Manager
Store Manager
Kiryuu-shi, Gunma is very famous for dyed goods and fabric, also a town of fashion.
We have female staff only in e-value Gunma branch, we offer hearty service to have customers be satisfied with our hospitality.
We buy and sell fine jewelry, designer clothes, tableware, antiques,musical instruments, audio visual musical instruments and so on.
Please feel free to come to E-VALUE!